Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Select Base currency
We default in US Dollar, However we plan to add other currencies such as CNY, Euro or Bitcoin.

Displays the coin name and logo. Click this to see the advanced stats

Last traded price of coin with ~3 minutes (or block time) delay.

Coin Price Change from exactly 24 hours ago.

Value of all the coin traded in the last 24 hours.

The value of the entire coin supply based upon the last traded price.

Annual Return on Investment of masternode of this coin.

Adjusted ROI%
Annual Return on Investment adjusted to include the intial start time for the first reward for the masternode of this coin.

Lists the number of active masternodes on specified coin network.

The amount of coins required for a masternode. Always buy more coins for transaction fees from exchange and internal transaction to the masternode.

MN Worth
The current value of masternode based upon last traded price. It is Price x Collateral.

MNSI is a masternode coin monitoring and stats service. MNSI does not research or recommend any coin. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.

ROI changes often and is not the most important factor. What is important is: 1.) Dev Team, 2.) Community, 3.) PURPOSE, 4.) Liquidity.